Every other month Congress London hosts large events in central London. These events can involve presentations/training/workshops/panels by subject matter experts on topics related to professional and personal development. The format is always the same, join us from a glass of wine and networking for an hour before the talk. Be sure to let the Committee who will welcome you know you are new so we can introduce you to some relevant members  See our event calendar here


On joining, members will be asked if they would like to be placed into one of our 'Cliques', smaller sub-groups of the network. These groups allows our members to meet and get to know each other in a more intimate session, and discuss the previous event topic. Your sub-group leader will share optional reading resources prior to the meet up as food for thought and discussion.

The Cliques allow you to create a tight network where you can talk candidly with people who understand your goals and can offer one another advice. 


Our membership is made up of experienced, successful professionals across a number of industries. Tech, Law, Fashion, Sports, Finance, Medicine, our aim is to see what can happen when we start some new conversations.