Congress London is a members network for women in London.

Started in 2016 by a group of likeminded women across multiple industries, we host events on topics designed to foster advancement and confidence.


We host regular large events which are led by industry experts. The aim of these events are that each person comes away with actionable guidance that they can use immediately to improve their working life. Topics range from Goal Setting, Personal Branding, Influencing, Negotiation and Managing Your Finances. Some of these presentations can be found in the Resources section on this site.

These large events are offset by our small group meet ups called Cliques, which allow our members to form tighter relationships with each other. The Clique environments allows members to challenge and learn from each other, and work through the material together from the previous month. 

In 2019, we will continue to run events on the last Tuesday of every month. We will alternate between large events and Clique meet ups. See the Events section of the site for information on the next large event. 


Advice, chat, encouragement and inevitably, wine.