3 Tips to Developing A Success Mindset by Sophie Thorne

A success mindset is critical to living your dreams, reaching your potential and achieving your goals. It took me three years to launch the business I wanted as a coach and mentor, and I’ve seen first-hand how mindset is the best predictor of success. 

I didn’t always have the right mindset. While I was planning my business I worried that I didn’t have the right knowledge, skills or experience to attract great clients. I didn’t think I was worthy of charging high-end rates - deep down I wasn’t sure I could run a successful business. 

“I can” and “I will” changed everything

Fast forward a few years to now and my business The Art of Organising has exploded. The turning point for me was when I changed my mindset and began to think ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ - that’s when I started to make money, bring in more clients and grow my business. It was then that I began to stand out from the crowd. I even pivoted my business to help female entrepreneurs do the same and take their businesses to the next level. 

Here are the three main strategies that helped me change my mindset and reach my full potential:

1. Create a long-term vision of success, for your business and for your life

You must know where you are heading and why you are aiming for it if you want to be successful. Imagine you're at the end of your life looking back. Ask yourself where you went, what you did, where you lived, who was in your life, what did you do for others and what your life felt like. Think about how you want to be remembered and write it all down. 

Do the same for your business vision. Picture a day in your life 10 years from now and write down everything about it; the place you're sitting, the people you work with, the revenue and products or services. Then compare the two visions to check they're compatible. Our businesses and our lives are so intertwined, it's crucial your two visions of success can run in parallel. 

Once you know where you’re going, you can figure out how you’ll get there by creating a strategy and setting your short-term goals.

2. Commit to growth and lifelong learning 

Committing to the concept of lifelong learning is the most effective way of succeeding in both your personal and professional life because growth is fundamental to your long-term success as an entrepreneur. Always work on yourself if you want to run a successful business. 

A commitment to learning means you're better today than you were yesterday, and you'll be better tomorrow than you are today. Armed with that new knowledge or those new skills, you can better serve yourself, your business, your clients and even your family and friends.

Learning isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. As with everything, set realistic goals, make a commitment to those goals and you will achieve them. For example, at the start of 2019, I decided I would dedicate 20% of my income and 100 days of my year to learning and self-development. Each month I review what I’ve done to ensure I’m on track, then I plan for the upcoming months. 

3. Acknowledge and celebrate your progress and successes

Humans are hard-wired to remember the bad stuff and forget all the good. And female entrepreneurs are particularly bad at focusing on their achievements and how far they've come. 

I reversed that damaging habit when a few years ago one of my mentors suggested keeping a success journal. I bought a five-year diary which had a few lines for each day of the five years. Every evening, I write down something I've accomplished that day and, after doing so, I go back to read the entry from the year before.

You'll be amazed at how much progress you're making, at how much you've achieved. But you'll also spot patterns, e.g. where you're getting stuck over and over, and that can be the key to unblocking yourself and accomplishing even greater levels of success.

You must believe that nothing can stop you from achieving success. If you aren’t there yet, try the above strategies or work with a business coach to develop a success mindset. If you question your ability or you lack confidence, I believe you will hold yourself back.  

Sophie Thorne is a business coach and mentor who helps women take their businesses to the next level. She works with female entrepreneurs who are looking to make more money, bring in more clients, grow their business, launch new products or services, and generally stand out from the crowd. Over the years, Sophie has learnt what works when it comes to life as a high performing female entrepreneur and she uses this to help women create epic results in their business. Find out more about Sophie’s business The Art of Organising. Follow Sophie on instagram and LinkedIn.

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