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Passion Projects: Using Your Passions to Fuel Your Career

While January is used so often as a time to bombard you with guilt about what you're not doing right, we want to inspire you with how doing the things you love can be just as rewarding for your wellbeing and your career.

To unleash all of our potential in our professional careers, takes self awareness, self examination and self learning. By taking time to explore and embrace personal passions, interests and hobbies, we can obtain valuable insights into our strengths and weaknesses and gain new skills that can improve our professional life!

Along with our resident coach, Katherine Baker we've assembled a panel of impressive, successful, career driven women from a range of backgrounds to talk about how their side hustles have helped with their careers.

Tickets on sale via Eventbrite, please let us know if you would like to join!

Please note this event is not on the last Tuesday of the month!